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Inspire the Next Generation of Technology Leaders from Underserved Communities.

Today’s world is rich with new opportunities, expanded resources, and tools for personal development. Many students from more affluent backgrounds are provided opportunities that give them practical hands-on experience. Unfortunately, students who need this exposure the most are not getting it. C/I exists to cultivate the potential of America’s underserved youth and narrow the technical skills gap in our economies and the opportunity gap in our communities.

Our Programs

  • Code / Interactive

    Students attend sessions at least twice a week to learn the fundamentals of computer programming including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python.

  • Camp / Interactive

    Students participate in multi-day invitation-only retreats and workshops to escape the distractions of their urban environment and apply their CS skills through problem solving, business planning, rapid prototyping.

  • Career / Interactive

    Students are given the opportunity to apply for paid summer internships at the country’s top tech startups where they gain meaningful on-the-job training and prepare for their future career.

Notable Press

  • “More than 2,000 underserved New York City high school students have participated in C/I’s merit-based classroom, camp and career programs since its start in 2001.”

    - - The Wall Street Journal
  • “When Lisandro Melendez and his teammates from Code/Interactive were tasked with coming up with an app that would help members of their Bronx community, one word instantly came to mind: safety.”

    - - Metro
  • “I want communities to know the opportunity gap exists, and I want students to know the demand for jobs in technology exists and that it’s easy to acquire these skills.”

    - - New York Observer
I believe that it's my responsibility to ensure that all students have access to the education and resources that will empower them to participate in the technology revolution.

Michael Denton, C/I Executive Director