Districts and schools are committed to ensuring that all of their students have access to coding and computer science education during the school day. Coding4TX trains and supports teachers so that districts can add engaging coding and computer science classes to their course offerings.

Coding4TX is a not-for-profit entity that helps districts, schools, and teachers identify the optimal coding and computer science curriculum for its students.

Coding4TX partners with nationally recognized curriculum partners with track records of success working with students in every type of school, district, and classroom, with partners like Code.org, Exploring Computer Science, Khan Academy, RePublic Schools, and ScratchEd. For other curriculum options or to be connected to more providers, please inquire with our program staff.

Computer science and coding should be available to all students at a minimum of once per grade band in K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

For details about the types of curriculum and requirements for implementation for each, visit the “Curriculum” page.

Coding4TX prioritizes schools & districts that serve higher percentages of students who receive free or reduced priced lunch.

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