Code/Interactive Corporate Honors Cohort

Code/Interactive students will attend after-school sessions at your corporate offices where they will work in pairs or groups with a mentor to complete lessons in computer science, coding, and programming.

Honors Cohorts allow members of your company to direct accelerate students’ computer science education.

Your impact on kids

  • Students will complete advanced-paced lessons in web and programming languages (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python) with guidance from mentors
  • Students will develop social emotional and executive skills through interactions with mentors

How it works

  • Your company hosts after-school sessions for mentors and students within its offices
  • Staff from your company volunteer to mentor
  • The Honors Cohort schedule usually follows the academic calendar but can be tailored to meet your timeline
  • Code/Interactive will identify students and manage transportation
  • Code/Interactive will fully develop the curriculum for sessions



10-20 students and mentors meet 4-6 times to complete select projects from topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and digital citizenship.

$7,500 – $12,500


10-20 students and mentors meet twice monthly and tackle capstone projects from the C/I curricula such as Accelerated Creative Web Development & Programming.

$25,000 – $35,000


10-20 students and mentors explore computer science projects that match your industry and brand with a custom curriculum designed for you.


Looking for something different?

Want to make something totally customized? More students? Bigger impact?

Great! We love putting on custom programs; let’s talk to see if we can think of something amazing for our students.

Other ways you can support Code/Interactive Honors Cohorts:

  • Media partner – help us tell the story of how your company is impacting our students ($2,500+)
  • Student computers – purchase a computer for each student in the program (starting around $5,000/cohort)
  • Sponsor a teacher – fully support a teacher’s in-school classroom for the academic year ($15,000)
  • Impact research – underwrite the cost of a researcher to evaluate our program ($20,000+)

Corporate Honors Cohort Signup

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